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Loving Our Pack of Siberian Husky Puppies

Our establishment of Siberia Husky Kennel since 1996 is located in SC on a 67 acre farm. We are dedicated to provide dog lovers with the finest line of AKC purebred husky puppies. As a leading husky breeder, After 16 years of experience breeding huskies, we have made a home for our pack of huskies. With 67-acres of land to roam and explore, each of our huskies lives in a fulfilling and jubilant life we live our lives to breeding healthy and happy dogs to share with you.  We as a family have been breeding Siberian Huskies for the last 16 years which gives us a long experience in breeding, handling and caring for the breed. We are well known for breeding healthy and beautiful puppies ready to be adopted into loving families highly popular and trusted for our love for the breed and the painstaking care we take of the dogs and puppies ,Our goal is always to better the breed,We love what, We breed and We love making people happy with them as well, so it is Win- Win situation.

We have strict control in place to make sure that our facility and our dogs meet the highest standard breeding. Siberia Husky Kennel will be offering free consultations to customers on all puppy sales, AKC/USDA approved Siberian Husky puppies for sale.

Siberian husky are in great demand amoung dog lovers who want to bring them home as family. Siberian Husky dogs are extremely popular for their distinctly striking looks. They have unique double thick coats, Both extreme hot and cold take longer to penetrate the skin so they are very adapt at surviving comfortably in both. Comes in a multitude of colors and marking's and facial mask's only add to the appeal of this breed and arresting blue or multi-colored eyes which have made them a favorite with dog lovers, These dogs make great family pets as they are widely known to be very friendly and affectionate dogs, Huskies have a natural way of making you love them as they exbible their love.That is the reason children especially are very fond of a Siberian Husky. Come visit our place to see our siberian husky puppies, see where they live. Our huskies are safe, healthy, happy and loved here. Loving for our Siberian Huskies. Not off our Siberian Huskies,


Providing Beautiful, AKC/USDA inspected and approved Loyal, Healthy, well socialized companion Siberian Husky puppies for sale to Qualified homes. All puppies comes with a 5 year genetric health guarantee and Trupanion Medical Insurance on them all you need to do is activate certificate, We issue to you when picking up your new husky member and vet health record provided by vet and micro-chipped and vaccination are up to date. Puppy Pak Royal Canin Meduim with sample of puppy food.

Smiles are Priceless - Siberian Huskies is a beautiful and captivating breed. I have been captivated by their beauty and spirit for 16 year loyally follow his two legged-partner.

Huskies are all different, but when it comes to their family, their pack. They give you their heart. They learn you inside and out. I do believe they are different than other breeds. That's not a bad thing that's a husky thing !

Getting a husky means that you will get a loyal friend for life, A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

* Free consultations on all puppy sales
* Highest standard breeding healthy Siberian Husky Puppies
* Award- Winning services Satisfaction guarantee
* Our huskies puppies are guaranteed add happiness and excitement to your home

Come visit our place to see our Siberian husky puppies and parents located in South Carolina to ensure your puppy is coming from a happy and safe environment see where they live. Our huskies are safe, healthy, happy and loved here.

Siberia Husky Kennel understands that not all of our potential buyers live in Hamer, we offer shipping services for Siberian husky buyers. We work with airlines such as Delta, United, and many others to provide your husky puppy with a safe and climate controlled trip./div>
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