Smiles are Priceless - Huskies beautiful and captivating breed. 

At Siberia Husky Kennel, we have been dedicated nearly 16 years to our family of  Siberian Huskies We have strict control in place to make sure that our facility and our dogs meet the highest standard breeding huskies. Providing dog lovers with the finest line of akc and usda purebred husky puppies. as a leading siberian husky breeder, For most dog owners, the toughest challenge has been to find a good Siberian Husky breeder, This is why here at Siberia Husky Kennel located in Hamer SC our puppies are thoroughly examined for health concerns before they join your family. We do this because we believe here at our facility you don't just bring home a puppy you bring home a family member .we live our lives to breeding healthy and happy dogs to share with you.

 Our puppies are the result of our long line of purebred huskies. When the puppies are born, we check them for positive attributes like sociability and friendliness. At the ripe age of two days old, we begin holding and loving on each puppy to build a strong human bond.

We have spent countless years dedicated to breeding Siberian husky puppies that are healthy, full of great attributes, and born to make you smile. Huskies have a natural way of making you love them as they exbible their love, huskies are all different, but when it comes to their family, their pack. they give you their heart. they learn you inside and out.. I do believe they are different than other breeds. That's not a bad thing that's a husky thing.

This working class breed is excellent for families with children, and will for a strong, loving relationship with each member of the family. With a magnificent multitude of colors, and marking's and facial mask's only add to the appeal of this breed, double coats both extreme hot and cold take longer to penetrate the skin so they are very adapt at surviving comfortably in both and arresting icy blue or multi-colored eyes, a husky is a beautiful creature, as their appearance matches their souls.

Come visit our place to see our siberian husky puppies, see where they live. Our huskies are safe, healthy, happy and loved here. Loving for our Siberian Huskies. Not off our Siberian Huskies,as of experience in Hamer breeding huskies, we have made a home for our pack of siberian huskies with 67-acres of land to roam and explore, each of our huskies lives a fulfilling and jubilant life.


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