Available Puppies

We offer financing through Community Finance to help bring home your dream husky puppy. This option now allows families the ability to take home a new puppy with convenient payment solution.

At Siberia Husky Kennel is  AKC and USDA inspected and approved, We are dedicated to providing dog lovers with the finest line of AKC purebred husky puppies. As a leading husky breeder, we live our lives to breeding healthy and happy dogs to share with you. Proud to offer the most incredible line of purebred AKC and USDA Siberian huskies. If you are looking for a new addition to your home that is healthy, loving, smart, and intelligent, our husky puppies are perfect for you.
We are proud to offer a pure line of husky puppies for sale state to state residents with over 16 years of experience in breeding AKC Siberian huskies, we have developed a long line of happy and healthy dogs. We have our pack of huskies currently on our property, in addition to our 67-acres of property. they have plenty of space to roam and explore, each of our huskies lives a fulfilling and jubilant life.

Our puppies are the result of our long line of purebred AKC huskies. When the puppies are born, we check them for positive attributes like sociability and friendness. 
At the ripe age of two days old, we begin holding and loving on each puppy to build a strong human bond.

Our Promise To You
When you purchase a Siberian puppy from Siberia Husky Kennel,

1.USDA Approved docoment, bill of sale.
*AKC registeration paper to be registered by you.

2.You will receive a 5-year genetic health warranty, 
3.Medical insurance coverage for 30 days.
4.Clear health certificate reflecting health of puppy.

5,Veterinary certified health certificate, All others ways cared for by Dr. Sonya Chavis       at Pembroke Veterinary Hospital

6. Deworming starting at 2 weeks up to 18 weeks of age.
7. Receive their Puppy vaccination at 6,9,12,15, weeks of age.

8.Your husky pup will be micro-chipped.
9.Will come with Royal Canin Medium Puppy kit and instructions on feeding.
We do ask not to change puppies diet.

9.Each puppy will have there own personal teddy bear for comfortant. 
10.Life time support on puppies from us.

Our Siberian husky puppies are the perfect attribute to your family and guaranteed to put smiles on everyone's faces. 
Whoever said you can't buy happiness, Forgot little puppies
Our husky puppies for sale are guaranteed to add happiness and excitement to your home. We begin to wean our puppies off of mother's milk gradually between 5 and 6 weeks of age. Once the puppies turn 8 weeks, they are on a solid food diet of Puppies Diet Royal Canin and are ready to be sold. A Royal Canin Medium puppy kit and instruction on feeding. We do ask not to change the puppy food

Our mothers breed every other season, so we do not overwork or tire them. 
We value our line of clear puppy health and do not inbreed our puppies with siblings or members of their family pack. Loving for our Siberian Huskies, Not off our Huskies.

Remember a puppy is a precious gift of love and a lifetime commitment.
Huskies look to their humans for help, Huskies derive comfort, security and motivation from humans. Huskies appreciate everything you do for them, no gesture is to small or too short huskies are just happy to be loved and cared for and every minute you spend with them just make them love you more.

Getting a husky means that you will get a loyal friend for life, a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he or she loves himself. Be sure a Siberian husky is your guardian of choice, Please ! Research and be sure a husky is a dog of your choice, A puppy is generally a big investment, you have to have commitment to training your puppy, A young puppy is like a infant finds his security and happiness in the attention of his people and in food, comfortable surrounding, aquequate rest and routine. 

We understand that those who want to associate with quality Siberian husky breeders such as ourselves, don't always live nearby. At Siberia Husky Kennel, we are proud to offer airplane shipping of our husky puppies for sale. We work with Delta, United and several other airlines to accommodate your needs.
The shipping process can cost up to $450.00, including the airline approved carrier and health certificate. For more info on flight or picking up your puppy visit shipping page

Before you make your deposit there is no refunds on deposits. If you done all your research on this breed and and ready to bring home a new friend for life then make your deposit of $200.00 and it will be deducted off price of puppy.

If you are living in the Hamer area or even out of state, and would like to speak with a dedicated and honest AKC Siberian husky breeder, call Siberia Husky Kennel right away. 
We will be glad to answer any questions you may have, and help you determine if a Siberian husky is right for you.

Contact Theresa Rosales
2945 Harllees Bridge Roa
Hamer, S.C. 29547