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Our Husky Pack


Baby-Sugar Bear

                                                          Hi ! My name is Baby Sugar Bear.
 Baby Sugar Bear is different but when it comes to her family and pack.She  gives us her heart inside and out. She has beautiful black/white plush thick coat soft to touch, With those sky blue eyes to match.
My weight is 35 pounds.She has a great personality and loves to run around and play some catch.
She is a talker if, I only knew what she was saying at times when, I'm telling her no or stop doing that or you're going to get in trouble, 



Howdy ! My name is Star-Keeper.
Star-Keeper has a beautiful wolf silver coat with those striking blue eyes. Her weight is 40 pounds, She loves attention and loves to play with us , She is just an all-around great husky. She may not be a movie star but she is our star She speaks when, she is excited and loves to chase us around the yard.



     Hi ! My name is DJ
He wants nothing more than be by our side. I'm a beautiful black and white male with a plush thick coat with those beautiful bi-color eyes. My weight is 50 pounds. DJ is a precious gift of love and a lifetime commitment to our husky pack here at Loyal Siberian Husky. He was born and raised with lots of love and attention, DJ stole our hearts the day he was born, He is a bundle of love and joy to us. 
He loves meeting everyone with puppy kisses.


Loyal Blue

Hi ! My name is Loyal Blue
Beauty and love of the breed. 
I'm a handsome male.coat color is wolf gray plush thick coat with striking blue eyes to match 
 and my weight is 50 pounds.I know, I'm just a husky but, If my Mom Theresa feels sad, I'm her smile, If she cries, I'm her comfort, and if someone breaks her heart, We always use mine ! I'm always by her side. No matter how crappy mom's day is, There is always my happy face waiting for her to get home ! 
I have a wonderful personality. 


Owner's Jose Luis and Theresa Rosales

Bred,Loved,,Handled by Jose Luis & Theresa Rosales
Huskies are unlike any dog, We ever owned.They have opened our eyes to a different kind of loyalty that posses. Once they chosen us to own them they will always treat us as their superior and master, They are pack animals by nature and being a part of that pack is a very special feeling. 
We will never question their loyalty or love for us. Their eyes speaks a thousands words, without ever saying a word. Our huskies has imprinted on our hearts. 
We know the love, We speak of, If ever there was a perfect creature, then the Siberian Husky would definitely claim that title.