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Picking Up Puppy, At  (Loyal Siberian Husky )
You need to schedule 3 days before picking up Puppy, 
The reason for this is so your puppy will be vet checked and get a
 cleared health certificate provided by Veterinarian, 
We must make sure you're getting a happy, healthy puppy.
If You Are Flying To Pick Up Your Puppy 
At Breeder (Loyal Siberian Husky)
Please coordinate with the airline you choose to determine their 
specific requirements for Transporting back with your new puppy

If You Choose a Flight Nanny, We Recommend TLC Flight Nanny''
Visit the Website For More Information and Cost.
We will take the puppy to airport and  hand delivery your puppy to
 TLC Flight Nanny, 
There will be a charge for us (Loyal Siberian Husky) 
To travel and delivery puppy to TLC Flight Nanny to airport charges
 average from $250-300 due to how far we have to travel to the airport.
BREEDER (Loyal Siberian Husky ) 
As A Courtesy To The Buyer
We Will, Make Flight Arrangements With TLC Flight Nanny 
And Give You The Price for This Option.
There is a $25.00 Fee To Get This Process Started.
Non Refundable
That those who want to associate with a quality Siberian husky 
breeders such as ourselves, don't always
 live nearby Puppy has to be 8 weeks or older before leaving our 
facility. TLC Flight Nanny brings your puppy to an airport near you.  
A TLC Flight Nanny is a human companion who accompanies 
your puppy in the cabin of the plane. 
The puppy TLC Flight Nanny will personally greet you at the airport to deliver 
your healthy puppy directly to you. 
Keep in mind that air travel can be limited due to weather 
anywhere along your puppy's route, so we all need to be flexible 
with the dates and times of arrival.
''Here is a suggested checklist ''
When you go to the airport to pick up your puppy:
1. harness 2. leash 3. puppy wipes 
5. lots of hugs and kisses...they come out of there ready to play

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Hamer SC. 29547
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