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     ''We ship puppies by Delta Airlines, United Airlines'', American

We understand that those who want to associate with a quality 
Siberian husky breeders such as ourselves, don't always live nearby. 
By Air Travel or Nanny Flights
Airlines or Nanny will restrict shipping until puppies are 8 weeks old 
by rule. The airlines and Nanny are very experienced in
animal shipping. They take excellent care using pet care
professionals while they maintain strict guidelines assuring
the safety of your fur baby. 

 Flights are booked in advance
Delta, United, American Airlines has climate control facilities 
where ever the puppies are. 

We ship Monday through Sunday. We do ship on Holidays, 
We want your shipping experience to be without difficulty and will do 
everything We can do to assure you have a great experience 
when picking up your fur baby from the airport,
Cost of Shipping By Nanny
The usual cost of shipping the puppy is $625.00 up
anywhere within the Continental United States. 
Nanny flights can cost more depending on travel distance
Cost is subject to change by the airline price increase.
This includes the airfare, required vet check, certificate of health, 
travel crate.
All Cost Must Be Prepaid 3 Days Before We Can Ship The Puppy Out, 
I'll call the airline or Nanny and book the pup trip.
We accept the method of payment by Pay Pal. 
I will need to know your nearest 2 airports, 

Name and address, email address, and contact number
who will pick up the pup?
I can only book a flight 3 to 5 days in advance for shipping. 

Nanny availability and as well as when we both can travel to the airport.

After I have booked the pup flight or with nanny flight,
The day and time will depend primarily on the flight or nanny 
 I will email or call or text you with the flight date and arrival times,
 airway bill, and location where the puppy is.
The airlines will provide an 'Airway Bill Number 
Which can be used to track the puppy's flight, 

 to be picked up. Then all you need to do is pick the pup at your airport.
As soon as, I put the puppy on the flight, 
I'll call the new family confirming the puppy made the flight and 
providing the airway bill number so we can keep 
track of the precious baby across the nation!
The puppy will be in a travel crate. only if we use Airline Cargo shipping 
( This crate can also be used as the puppy's training.')
personal teddy bear and blanket. strapped with ample food and 
fresh bottled water on top of the crate and his or her 
There will be puppy pads, and a Royal Canin puppy kit

 ''Here is a suggested checklist ''

When you go to the airport to pick up your puppy:
1. harness 2. leash 3. fresh/clean bedding 4. puppy wipes 
(in case the puppy has had an accident) 
5. lots of hugs and kisses...they come out of there ready to play

Also strapped to the top of the crate is the puppy's paperwork! 
The shot record, vet paperwork, AKC registration paperwork, 
microchip information, etc, 
Will be in an envelope strapped to the top of the puppy's crate.


If you need further information or questions,
Please feel free to contact us''!!

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Call or drop us a text today. 843-260-3375
2945 Harllees Bridge Road
Hamer SC. 29547